Transformation of Maths faculty to Digital Coach and Digital marketer -

Working as a maths faculty and SME in maths who creates the contents in mathematical sciences to teach students.

Hii, my self Mamta Mund. I am from Odisha, the state which is unknown to many peoples in the geography of India. Completed my master's degree in Mathematics, I started my career in the health sector department. But, that job was not satisfactory to me. So I decided to change my career path to the education industry. I worked as a PGT (maths) in a reputed school. I was happy to teach students as it gave me satisfaction to teach and serve the students who are the pillar of the future generation.

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One new thing knocked at my door and it changed my career path. It was my marriage, I left the job and moved to Hyderabad. managing my family, I could not start my career again. Looking after my family and kid, I forgot my identity.

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One day I searched and found a course in Vedic mathematics and did VMTTC from Vedic maths Academy. Then I started online tutoring in Vedic maths to teach kids and teachers. I created a youtube channel where I upload videos related to our conventional maths and Vedic maths.

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I received many emails about Digital Marketing. I hesitated to do the Digital Marketing course as I had no idea about DM.

Now I searched and found a course about Digital Marketing Internship course of Digital Deepak and got enrolled in this course as it is a highly demanding course in the year 2020. I realized what a big opportunity I had missed 5 years back.

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Presently I am working as an SME in maths and spending my time in gardening. I started my terrace garden where I have grown some organic vegetables. I feel good and get positive vibes while spending time with nature as someone feels around successful people.

my terrace garden

What Mamta Mund wants to be-

I want to be a digital coach and digital marketer whose mission is to build her own personal brand and to teach VM to100,000 students and teachers.

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2.0 version of Mamta Mund in the year 2025 is a very well-known and successful digital coach and digital marketer, who received her Advanced research degree in Vedic Maths. she has built her online maths educational academy and created contents applying Vedic maths techniques in conventional maths.

she also runs a startup company that helps lots of educational coaching institutions and home tutors to go digital. She is a well-known blogger who has written many journals, articles, and some books on maths and Vedic maths.she is curious to learn more about Ancient Vedic Mathematics.

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she owns an agricultural farm where she grows lots of organic vegetables. she has created a youtube channel, blogs, podcast channel on gardening where she motivates and sharing gardening tips and taking care of different types of plants.

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She is motivated by her husband to spiritualize herself by practicing yoga, pranayama, and meditation which gives her peace in mind and positive energy. She also feels that supreme power is driving her towards future endeavors.

This is not the end of the 2.0 version of Mamta Mund, but the beginning. There is a long way to go. Her success story motivates millions of homemakers to be independent and start their business according to their passions.

Thanks for reading this article. This article is a part of the Digital Marketing Internship Program of DIGITAL DEEPAK.

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